Below you will find our most Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact us with inquiries pertaining to your specific appraisal needs.

Each appraisal assignment is unique, but the process typically consists of the following steps: examining and photographing the objects; reviewing client documentation; completing artwork descriptions using our extensive library and other references; researching the value of each object by consulting the proper sources in the most appropriate marketplace; and compiling a written, professional appraisal report that will pass the scrutiny of your insurance company, the Internal Revenue Service, or other intended user.

Our fee depends on several factors, including the purpose of the appraisal, the number of objects to be appraised, the amount of descriptive and provenance information provided, and whether there are multiple similar works by the same artist. We will happily provide a written estimate of our time and fees based on the scope of work.

Our firm is based in Los Angeles, and our appraisers regularly travel to the New York area. We conduct appraisals for clients locally, across the United States, and abroad.

Appraisers do not authenticate works of art. However, we make every effort to properly identify the appraised objects by reviewing client paperwork and by referencing catalogues raisonné and other appropriate research materials. Additionally, we can facilitate the authentication process on a client’s behalf by corresponding with the recognized expert, committee, or foundation for a particular artist. There may be fees associated with authentication such as photography, shipping, and administrative costs.

No. JS&A prides itself as an entirely impartial third-party, which allows us to execute appraisals free of perceived bias. Our independence is particularly valuable when preparing appraisals for review by the Internal Revenue Service.


While we do not buy or sell art, we can help facilitate that process for existing clients and provide referrals to auction houses and galleries. Our firm has an extensive network of private dealers and auction house specialists across the country.

We specialize in the appraisal of Impressionist, Modern, Post-War, Contemporary, and Emerging art of all media. We do not appraise items such as jewelry, furniture, antiques, rugs, or celebrity memorabilia, but are happy to provide referrals, when possible, to specialists in those areas.